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Richard Husseiny


I have always been involved with health and wellness, it goes hand in hand with athletic performance. However, my own need to benefit from a fully holistic lifestyle came about following the experience of giving end of life care to my mother. Whilst working in Shanghai China, my mother was given the news that she had terminal cancer. This was my choice point in life.

In the days, months and years that have followed I have found myself searching for answers to what this life is about. It took me over a year to begin to re-engage back into life, and I struggled to find meaning and purpose in what I had been doing. I was forced to change the behaviours that were negatively affecting myself and others. I allowed myself time to look inwards, to feel and to discover where my passion and drive had gone towards. This was the start of my spiritual journey and it has been fundamentally life changing. It has been the hardest challenge of my life - but what has come from it is a life full of new perspectives, happiness & love.


I am passionate about sharing all that has helped me through to the other side, which has given my life purpose again. All the skills, tools & techniques that I have learnt can help anyone who is searching for something more. 

It often takes a crisis in life to initiate change. These crisis are the choice points in life in which we are provided opportunities to change our direction. I am passionate about supporting and equipping all who have been affected by their own inevitable crisis in life, and are at their own choice point.

I have sought out some of the best people to form our team at Husseiny Performance. I have benefitted personally from their philosophical approach, or in some cases from the practitioners themselves. This multidisciplinary approach to wellness and performance is tried and tested. I believe in it wholeheartedly and am supremely grateful that I get to share it now.


I have worked successfully with some of the best athletes in the world. I have been successful in these high performing environments due to my ability to manage stress effectively, together with inspiring and creating environments that encourage and support a persons development. My main strength comes from being very good at building relationships, nurturing and guiding people to get the best out of the themselves. My approach has helped multiple Olympic medalists and world champions gain repeated success on the world stage.


From hitting my breaking point in life, I have learnt and felt in real time the healing benefits from which our philosophy comes. I offer the road map to new perspectives that I believe in wholeheartedly, for they have worked for me so well.

Finally, I bring together the paradigms of holistic health and healing. I have the wisdom to know when to collaborate with the right specialist on our team, to give you the most effective course of action. Above all I provide the oversight to guide you on how best to integrate this combined approach into your life - to empower you to make change.