What is Energy Medicine?

Melany Coopmans Vizithum, LCSW
Psychotherapist | Shaman

Each living thing is fueled by energy.  Traditional Western medicine focuses on health through mental, emotional, and physical systems.  We know that disease of the body affects how we feel emotionally and mentally. Now scientists have confirmed that the energetic body is also affected by disease.  How energetic systems affect health has been known for thousands of years in the more indigenous cultures of the Americas.  It is also incorporated in many eastern medicine practices.


These ancient teachings are now being recognized as a missing link in our modern Western treatment modalities.  Accessing, understanding and clearing the energetic field is an essential practice in interrupting old patterns, traumas, and emotional issues.  Energy Medicine healing aims to remove imprints of dis-ease from our energetic fields so they can no longer inform/infirm us. It is another path to living a full life of our own choosing. 

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