Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation


What's Included (Digital MP3)

1. Chakra Meditation | Metta Bhavana (34.00)

2. Chakra Guide (pdf)

3. Chakra Card (pdf)


Guided by: Anna Sugarman

Cover Design by: Anna Sugarman


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An audio explanation and guided meditation through the physical, emotional and energetic cross sections of you.


The chakra system isn't just a new age'y rainbow – it maps so much of us. Organ systems are housed within these sections defined by nerve plexuses. The endocrine system weaves through energy channels governing each vortex as it connects us with nature's elements.


Get to know yourself on a deeper level, as you take your practice higher through this guided audio meditation. The study guide outlines the glands associated with each chakra, and the card offers basics information and affirmations at a glance.

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