Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation


What's Included (Digital MP3)

1. Loving Kindness Meditation | Metta Bhavana (24.00)

2. Affirmation card


Guided by: Anna Sugarman

Cover Design by: Anna Sugarman


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An audio explanation and guided meditation for cultivating compassion and love – unconditional, inclusive love. A love with wisdom.


It isn’t all just “groovy” and “give peace a chance.” Science is now backing what Buddhists have known about this ancient, powerful practice since way before the Summer of Love – and it’s age defying.


Adaptable for anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, Metta is the practice of wishing one’s self and others to be happy, content, and at ease, through visualization and mentally repeating a series of phrases. Metta is a method of developing friendliness, consideration, generosity and empathy. Metta is an attitude.


'Cop the tude and minimize wrinkles by invoking Loving Kindness into your own ritual.

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