Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation


What's Included (Digital MP3)

1. So Hum (10:49)

2. Sat Nam (7:07)


Guided by: Anna Sugarman

Cover Design by: Anna Sugarman


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Mantra, or Japa, Meditation has been prevalent since ancient times, hipster and practiced by most all religions and philosophies as a means to experience peace, calmness, and tranquillity. Japa Meditation is an invitation to happiness and manifestation of our intentions — from within, mind and soul... 
So Hum is a reflection of the sound of the breath, and also carries the meaning: I am that.
Sat Nam is especially special: Sat means Truth, and Nam means Name – True Name or Truth is my name – an acknowledgment that at our essence is the Truth.

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